Engagement Ring or Right Hand Ring?

This great new design at Crown Trout Jewelers solves the age old question. Is this an engagement ring or a right hand ring? It’s both or either!  The new Two Rivers Ring is a stylish and contemporary design when worn on the right hand.  As a bridal piece it encompasses all the eloquence and symbolism of a unique  engagement ring.

The Two Rivers Rings symbolizes the union of two hearts. It was inspired by the meeting of two rivers that become one. Like the river, love is a long and beautiful journey with wonderful twists and turns that bring those who find it together as one.

The two rivers rings can be set with a variety of diamonds and gemstones.

The Two Rivers Rings can be made in Sterling silver, gold, and platinum and make a wonderful engagement ring or right hand ring.

Prices start at $650.00 in sterling silver and $1400 in 14k gold.

The Two Rivers Rings can be made with your favorite Diamond or Gemstone Contact us for an estimate. Prices will very depending on the precious stone you choose.