Redeaux your “I do”!

One of our greatest joys as craftsman is the art of custom designing jewelry with our clients.  The process is exciting, informative and incredibly personal.  We respect and cherish the part we play in creating legacy pieces like the rings you see here.  It was a rainy spring day when Stephen and Bonita happened into our shop and before you knew it we were engaged in creating a new set of rings for this long married incredible couple!  They settled on 18kt white gold bands with 18kt yellow gold, palladium and silver “samidare” mokume gane.  Mokume gane is a technique of layering and folding different colored metals to achieve unique surface patterns.  Stephen and Bonita were no strangers to wide banded rings so it was a delight to create rings for them that really showcased the beautiful samidare patterning at it’s best. We thank Stephen and Bonita for supporting us as jewelry artists and for giving us the opportunity to play a part in their story!