New Fall Hours for Crown Trout Jewelers

Beginning October 5 Crown Trout Jewelers will be open Thursday – Saturday 10-5pm and by special appointment.  In an effort to complete our custom design orders by Xmas please plan your gift giving well in advance of Thanksgiving and stay tuned for our holiday hours update!  We’ll have lots of beautiful multi-colored gem rings, pendants and earrings, Liz’s fabulous filigree jewelry and Michael’s famous exotic gemstone guitar picks! You can access online shopping from our home page too. Shop early by previewing our work at www.crowntroutonline.com.  For guitar picks go to www.gotcharocks.com.  Give Santa a run for his money!

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Crown Trout Jewelers Posts Schedule of Jewelry Classes for Winter 2016

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Speaking of classes – We have just published a partial list of our 2016 jewelry class schedule starting in January! Don’t get cabin fever this winter. In addition to our traveling schedule of courses we are offering classes every month here in our luxurious Lanesboro Jewelry studio. Stumped for a cool Xmas gift?? Give ’em a “little class” gift certificate for the holidays! Got peeps coming in from out of town? We are partnered up with Iron Horse Outfitters & Inn on Lanesboro’s main street for all of our student accommodations at a great rate for the weekends of our classes! Lanesboro is still alive and kickin’ this winter! Students and visitors will be treated to specials on food and libations at High Court Pub right next door to Crown Trout!. Be sure to check out our newest offering: “On the Rocks!” Beginning Stone Cutting Class. This is an awesome opportunity for all you rock hounds out there to “rock out” some cool cabochons in our shop! Visit www.crowntrout.com and call 888-750-9294 to register.

On the Rocks! Beginning Stone Cutting Class (New!)

1656325_10203622226662687_1064896052_nOn the Rocks! Beginning Stone Cutting Class (New!)Seiler_Michael_6                                                                      Are you ready to dive into the magic and mystery of stone cutting? Are those buckets of rocks and pebbles you’ve collected over the years yearning to be fashioned into something unique and beautiful? Here’s your chance to work with veteran goldsmith and stone cutter extraordinaire Michael Seiler. You might know him from the Jeweler’s Palette where his mad skills help students refine their smithing techniques. Experience an opportunity to learn about the properties of fancy agates and jaspers while you fashion cabochons out of stone rough. In this class we will cover cutting, finishing, polishing a variety of agates perfect for that next jewelry project. All tools and equipment will be provided. Students are encouraged to bring stones to cut too!

When:  March 25-26, 2016      10-5pm both days

Where:  Crown Trout Jewelers  107 Parkway Ave N  Lanesboro, MN  55949

Cost:  $250 (includes lunch both days)

Call:  1-888-750-9294

Redeaux your “I do”!

One of our greatest joys as craftsman is the art of custom designing jewelry with our clients.  The process is exciting, informative and incredibly personal.  We respect and cherish the part we play in creating legacy pieces like the rings you see here.  It was a rainy spring day when Stephen and Bonita happened into our shop and before you knew it we were engaged in creating a new set of rings for this long married incredible couple!  They settled on 18kt white gold bands with 18kt yellow gold, palladium and silver “samidare” mokume gane.  Mokume gane is a technique of layering and folding different colored metals to achieve unique surface patterns.  Stephen and Bonita were no strangers to wide banded rings so it was a delight to create rings for them that really showcased the beautiful samidare patterning at it’s best. We thank Stephen and Bonita for supporting us as jewelry artists and for giving us the opportunity to play a part in their story! 

Engagement Ring or Right Hand Ring?

This great new design at Crown Trout Jewelers solves the age old question. Is this an engagement ring or a right hand ring? It’s both or either!  The new Two Rivers Ring is a stylish and contemporary design when worn on the right hand.  As a bridal piece it encompasses all the eloquence and symbolism of a unique  engagement ring.

The Two Rivers Rings symbolizes the union of two hearts. It was inspired by the meeting of two rivers that become one. Like the river, love is a long and beautiful journey with wonderful twists and turns that bring those who find it together as one.

The two rivers rings can be set with a variety of diamonds and gemstones.

The Two Rivers Rings can be made in Sterling silver, gold, and platinum and make a wonderful engagement ring or right hand ring.

Prices start at $650.00 in sterling silver and $1400 in 14k gold.

The Two Rivers Rings can be made with your favorite Diamond or Gemstone Contact us for an estimate. Prices will very depending on the precious stone you choose.