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Designed by Liz Bucheit

As you may have gathered from my work on this site a lot of my designs are influenced by my Norwegian background.  My mother is of Norwegian descent (her maiden name is Vangen and her family hails from Hallingdal, Norway) and as children she would tell us Scandinavian fairy tales before bedtime.  Unfortunately they didn’t always have happy endings (as any proper Scandinavian story should boast!) and more often than not my siblings and I would waive our requests for her stories.

That said, I have always been fascinated by the old stories of trolls, fairies and the “hulder” folk who lived in the mountains.  “Hulder” literally means “hidden” so these folk were considered very elusive.  A hulder female looks just like a beautiful woman with a cow or fox tail.  She would lure men into the forest and seduce them.  If her unsuspecting lover didn’t please her he might lose his life.

A wonderful Norwegian film by Aleksander Nordaas (also the creator and director of “Trollhunter) was released in 2011 entitled “Thale” starring Silje Reinaamo as the mysterious hulder.  I’m a huge fan of the film and the cast so when they announced a contest to send in artwork with a hulder theme I made the hulder “pinup” cutouts you see in the photo for my jewelry studio display window.  You’re right – I won!   The prize is a prop from the movie set and you have to stop in the shop to see what it is (guaranteed – it’s creepy cool!)

The movie has sparked a whole new jewelry collection for me so stay tuned.  “Huldra Wear” is set to dominate the world!  Also, check out “Thale” the movie on Netflix and like them on Facebook.  The sequel to “Thale” is in the works as we speak!

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