Repair Services for Traditional Sølje Jewelry



Repair – Rejuvenate – Restore

International award winning jewelry designer Liz Bucheit of Crown Trout Jewelers specializes in the repair and rejuvenation of traditional sølje.

For more information please contact Liz at 1-507-467-3078 to discuss your repair needs or email us through our store website at

Tips for keeping your sølje clean and bright!

-Be careful of commercial dips and jewelry cleaners. Some formulas can strip the delicate gold plating on your drops or or gold plated design accents. Use our signature Sølje Scrub© to safely clean your pieces. (Call 1-507-467-3078 to order!)

-Always wipe your silver with a soft cloth and store in a plastic zip lock bag with Anti-tarnish Strips. (Also available at Crown Trout Jewelers). These unassuming pieces of black paper will help reduce oxidation on silver surfaces.

-If your silver has turned completely black it’s best to get your pieces professionally cleaned.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in keeping your family heirlooms looking their best for generations to come!

Tusen takk!