Crescent Moon Rings

Crescent Moon Rings

Designed by Michael Seiler

I came up with this design after taking an early morning walk this past summer. The sun was peeking over the rolling hills of Lanesboro, Minnesota and the light was illuminating the green leaves of the trees. A sliver of the moon still hung in the sky as the sun started to wake from its slumber. It was one of those moments in time that would only last for a few minutes and then disappear.

I chose the green peridot to represent the leaves of the trees and the golden citrine to represent the morning sun. In the center of the ring I added the sliver of the moon.  The bottom of the ring has a wide jetting bottom to express the rolling hill that created a beautiful and sublime backdrop for an early morning celestial event.

Each ring can be made with your favorite gemstones.

Rings can be made in Sterling silver, gold, and platinum.

Ring size 7.5, Gemstone Sizes-Oval 5x7mm, Round 3.5mm

Prices start at: $750.00

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