Jewelry Classes

Viking Posament Bracelet Class

Viking Josephine Knot Posament Bracelet

Saami Bracelet Class

Saami Bracelet Class

Viking “Knit” Chain Bracelet

Viking Knit Chain Bracelet

Silversmithing: The Jeweler’s Palette

jewelry classes
Minnesota Jewelers Palette Silversmithing Classes

On the Rocks! Introduction to Stone Cutting Class (New!)

On the Rocks Stonecutting Class

Ring Casting Class (New!)

Ring Casting Class

Freya’s Fantasy Filigree

Freya’s Fantasy Filigree

Traditional Filigree: Sweet Solje Pin (New!)

Traditional Sweet Solje Pin

Silversmithing: The Advanced Jeweler’s Palette (New!)

Silversmithing: The Advanced Jeweler’s Palette

Pierced Celtic Knot Pendant

Celtic Pendant
Celtic Pendant